Saturday course

For students who are not able to study during weekdays, we offer Saturday courses which focus on developing student’s communicative skills and vocabulary.
These courses are available to students at Elementary or higher levels.
Moreover, these courses are supplemented with our online LMS ( Learning Management System) hosted by Cambridge University Press. There students and teacher can review classroom content, complete homework, and review their progress during the week. 

The Saturday English Course comprises 5 levels:

  • Elementary  A2 
  • Pre-Intermediate  B1 
  • Intermediate  B1+ 
  • Upper intermediate  B2 
  • Advanced  C1 

Courses consist of a lesson per week,  lasting 4 academic hours.

There are morning (from 10:00 to 13:15), day-time (from 13:30 to 16:45) groups.

On these courses students work with the help of modern textbooks EMPOWER from Cambridge University Press. 

They are free of charge.


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