Personal lessons

At Orange, we offer students the unique opportunity to receive individual lessons tailored to your specific language needs and preferences. 

One-on-one education allows you to schedule lessons according to your availability. Individual education is perfect for those who need to level up their English for Specific Purposes. The following English needs are commonly chosen by our students:

  • English for Business: These courses help prepare students for a multinational business environment. You will study business specific vocabulary, commonly used expressions, and unique office jargon. Skills development focuses on presentation skills, formal written communication, and training your listening skills to understand International English Speakers. 
  • IELTS & TOEFL: This type, of course, is aimed at learners who are preparing to apply to Universities abroad or migrate to an English speaking country. We will teach you the specific skills, and techniques to successfully complete each section of the test.
  • Speaking Lessons: Many of our students who choose the form of education are already working in the business field and desperately need to improve their communication skills. These lessons focus primarily on breaking the language border and helping students gain the language structures and confidence needed to successfully complete their daily responsibilities.
  • Additional Training: Some of our students who are enrolled in one of our general courses sometimes feel the need to review the language structures studied during the course at their own pace. Others are busy with work and would like to make up for a missed group lesson. In these cases, we offer special terms for you to attend individual lessons and keep up with your English learning process. 

No matter what your specific language need may be; preparing to take an official English test, training for an interview, speaking with a specific accent or any other aim, we will strive to match you with our teacher that best matches your needs.


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