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Our guarantee policy

Our specialty? Teaching English. We know all about it!

Education in our school is, first of all, a harmonious and logical system of the gradual introduction of new material and its consolidation in practice, which requires time and effort from both the teacher and the student.

Here at Orange, we do not claim to have developed a  “special in-house” teaching methodology. We rely on world renown and pedagogically sound methodologies developed by experts in linguistics and education from the most reputable British Universities. Moreover, our unique partnership with Cambridge University Press gives the opportunity to constantly update our teaching approaches and techniques. 
Their experience coupled with our consistent work guarantees that you will reach your English learning goals.

All you have to do is fulfill 3 conditions:

• Complete the initial placement test.
• Attend at least 85% of the lessons.
• Complete all progress tests.

* except for weekend groups and General Advanced Level Courses.

If don’t obtain a successful result on your final test, we guarantee the possibility of re-taking the complete course FREE OF CHARGE.

Cambridge University Press

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