International exams

Examinations for adults correspond to school CEFR levels and are taken in the following formats.

A2 Key

Cambridge Level One Exam. CEFR international scale - A2
This is an Elementary level exam that tests the ability to use basic linguistic constructs in conversation and writing. If you understand simple texts, short phrases and can communicate in situations that are familiar to you- the KET exam is for you.
The Cambridge A2 Key certificate is a mandatory document for obtaining a residence permit in the UK. It also enables you to work abroad in some countries (for example, Denmark and the Netherlands) in areas that do not require advanced language skills. KET is also necessary for a "wife visa".Cambridge A2 Key (KET) is annually taken by over 40,000 people in more than 60 countries.

B1 Preliminary

Cambridge Level 2 Exam. CEFR international scale - B1
This is an Intermediate level exam. If you can read simple books and articles, write simple letters and communicate on common topics, then this exam is for you.
B1 Preliminary (PET) will suit you if you plan to work or study abroad. Also, this exam can become an important experience and preparation stage for higher level examinations.
B1 Preliminary is annually taken by more than 80,000 people in more than 80 countries.

B2 First

Cambridge Level 3 Exam. CEFR international level - B2
The B2 First Certificate is an important qualification indicator for anyone who wants to study or work abroad. If your English level is good enough for use in daily communication, business and education, then B2 First (FCE) is an exam for you. This Cambridge certificate is widely recognized in the commercial and industrial fields, as well as by many universities and educational institutions.

C1 Advanced

Cambridge Level Four Exam. The level of the international scale CEFR - C1
The CAE certificate indicates a high level of language proficiency, sufficient for professional and educational purposes. Recognized by most universities and institutions of higher education in the UK as an unconditional acknowledgment of a higher level of English language proficiency.
This certification is recognized by the UK Border Agency when issuing a Tier 4 long-term student visa. The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) also recognizes C1 Advanced certificates for issuing various visas, including study visas. Students from all over the world receive these certificates because they are widely recognized throughout the world and can help in obtaining education and employment.


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