Phonetic course

We periodically offer phonetic courses to our students in order to help them master the most difficult aspects of English pronunciation. The five-day intensive course, based on Cambridge University Press methodology, will help you speak English as an International Language so you are understood by any English speaker.

Why do you need this course:

  • You will improve the quality of pronunciation by correcting typical mistakes made by Russian speakers.
  • You will be able to pronounce sounds and combinations that do not exist in Russian.
  • You will be able to understand and imitate the intonation and rhythm of natural spoken English. 
  • Your speech will become more understandable for both native and international English speakers.

Our phonetic course consists of:

- 3 levels of training

- 15 hours of training: 5 lessons x 3 hours 

- Russian and Native Instructors

Training materials are provided free of charge.


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