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  • Christina USA Director of Studies, TEFL/TKT/CELTA Trainer
  • Oliver Great Britain TESOL Certificate
  • Ben USA TEFL Certificate
  • Michael Great Britain TEFL Certificate
  • Michael Great Britain TEFL Certificate

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Since 2005, our Centre has been adding flavour to the world of English language learning in St. Petersburg

Orange Language Centre stands out for its long-standing presence in the educational sphere, well-established teaching methodology, unique English courses, and live classes with highly-qualified teachers.

All of our English programs are carefully curated and constantly being monitored to ensure the quality of our lessons and relevance to our student's needs. By joining one of our courses you can rest assured that you will reach your English learning goals. Our *guaranteed outcomes policy* ensures that students gain the knowledge they need. 

We work with all levels - from Beginner to Advanced. At the beginner levels, Russian teachers help students learn the basics, and in-depth English language classes are taught along with native speaker teachers. Moreover, through our educational partnership with Cambridge University Press, we help our students prepare and register for official English Qualification certificates.  

Our new students English level is carefully assessed through our complimentary written English test available on our website, followed by a face-to-face speaking interview with one of our instructors

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